Monday, 22 August 2016

Robotics at Auroa Primary School

On Friday at Assembly a group of students from Auroa Primary School were able to put on a special performance.  A group of students have been preparing for the regional robotics competition for 2016 and while that didn't go ahead unfortunately we still had a competition at Auroa School.   Each of the groups performed in front of the School Assembly.  We had a couple of students who were present who filmed the event and today Jackson R. spent a few minutes putting together these videos of each of the groups.  Filmed at Auroa Primary School on Friday 20th August.

Star Wars Robotics from myles webb on Vimeo.

The Robbery Robotics from myles webb on Vimeo.

Robotics 'Mining' from myles webb on Vimeo.

Christmas Santa Robotics from myles webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Olympics@APS 2016

School Athletics 2016 on PhotoPeach

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Seven

Its been a while since there was an episode due to a variety of circumstances but the greatest internet competition of all time returns with a blockbuster episode of dynamic proportions!

Since last episodes the two competing teams of Whero and Kikorangi were closely poised, however there was a huge swing in progress. Early in the year various 'power ups' or add on's were hidden in secret locations around Auroa Primary School, one of which was the dreaded 'double elimination'. This was played before the vote so the losing team would suffer a shock double elimination.

Furthermore a surprise immunity was discovered by one player in the challenge, further complicating the vote. One team was about to take a stranglehold on the competition and one team was facing the bleak prospect of total elimination. The merge of the two teams is fast approaching and players are desperate to make it to the last stage of competition - two players are about to fall at the nearly last hurdle. Who will pull it together and make it? Whose problem solving and teamwork will lead them to victory? All these questions will be answered in Episode of the greatest internet classroom blogging competition of all time!
Survivor Taranaki Episode 7 from myles webb on Vimeo.
In this challenge students had to race to 'four corners' of Auroa Primary School collecting a series of letters. They had to race back to a central location, bring the letters to their team and then unscramble an eight letter word. Both teams were racing against each other to complete the task, secure victory and avoid an elimination vote.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


The time is drawing near for the Robotics Competition at Auroa Primary School. Later this week the teams will do battle in the performance section of Robotic Dance, and R3 will be represented by Mccallum, Jamesen and Jake. These exclusive photos are of the groups working on their final routines - we can't show you any video just yet! However the teams are looking forward to having an opportunity to go to the nationals.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

R3 Tangrams in Mathmatics

Today in class we were looking at making shapes with our Tangrams for Geometry.  Jamesen then created a Timelapse of the tangram process - we thought this was a great idea because we were looking at creative and innovative ideas for the MOA Awards and so we combined this part of the photography with our designs.  Filmed in R3 on Friday 5th August 2016.

Tangrams in Maths from myles webb on Vimeo.

Friday, 5 August 2016

R3 Guest Post - Georgia from Awahono School

This link is to Georgia from Awahono School, she has produced an excellent post about Letter Writing, which we've been working on in our class this week. If you click on this link here then you can see her amazing summary about a letter and its format.

Click on the link here to see her amazing work.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

2016 Auroa Primary School Promo

This video is a promo video for Auroa Primary School, it is created by our amazing multi talented Mr Bloor - it features a number of famous faces and students from Room Three this year and last year.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

R3 Mega Bounce Holiday Recount

Students in Room Three have been back in class and working hard this week. One of our tasks has been to produce a recount about an activity that they were involved in during the term.

This recount was written by Paige and details her experience at Mega Bounce in New Plymouth

Last Bounce 
On Saturday the first day of the holidays Zach and Lacie had a birthday party but we had to go to league first,they had three games Dad refed all three,at the last game Zach scored a try but Dad was a meany and didn't give it to him but we said that Zach go the try.

After two hours it was finally finished it was time for Me, Zach and Lacie to go to Mega Bounce for Zach and Lacies team mate Taylen and his brother Tyree. The whole team went apart for Bead and Remi they were both sick. Soon someone from the under nines come, Harlem first we went to the foam pit Dad came too. We built a foam fort. We moved to the hoops Dad went on the the small hill then jumped on the tramp and slam dunked it. Soon we had lunch and had a drink Mum said “we were there for about two hours” then we all went home. It was a fun day Dad even said that is was fun,he was the only one that played with us,then we hopped in the car and Dad fell asleep before you know it Lacie then Zach and I fell asleep once we left New Plymouth,I enjoyed it and it was really fun and everyone enjoyed. I felt nervous and excited. Because I was ready to do a flip and I thought the it would fail, and happy because it worked.

The Muddy Tournament
Te Rau and me got up and had breakfast the Te Rau got ready then we went to Opunake we got there. I waited to my Mum got there because she had my stuff for. Rugby then she got there so then I went and got the stuff of my Mum and went to get dressed then we played Kaponga and Blake was playing bit dirty.

We played Kaponga Blake was being a bit dirty the score was 2/1 to Kaponga it was fun  then we played southern it was a dirty game but it was a little fun the score was 1/1 we won because we got the first try. After  we played Opunake and their was be from the under 11 it was Peter Chas and someone else the score was 0/0 so we had to do paper scissors Rock.

After Opunake we played Kaponga 2 because Kaponga has 2 teams and at half time we put all of our players on we had 12 on and Kaponga 2 had 13 on it was fun and we lost 5/0 to Kaponga.

Monday, 25 July 2016

R3 Term Three - 2016

Room Three are back to School and looking forward to an exciting term. This term we've got the MOA Awards (Digital Awards for Excellence in our local groups of schools) entries close at the end of this nine week term. Today in class we looked at the concept and ideas of digital photography. We used our iPads and took a series of digital photographs around Auroa School.

Friday, 15 July 2016

R3 What's A Day Like for a Student in New Zealand?

We're always collaborating with students and classrooms around the world. This explanation piece of writing written last term by Aroha from Room Three, it explains a typical day for her, at School in New Zealand. Hi I am Aroha from Room Three, Auroa Primary School in New Zealand and I will be telling you how my day goes. So my day starts with Mum waking me up I climb out of bed and slowly walk up the stairs and walk into the bathroom to grab my uniform then walk back to my room and get dressed. I walk up stairs and ask for a mashed egg on sourdough. While I wait I comb my hair and grab my iPad of charge and put it in my iPad bag. Mum calls me so I get up at the table and eat my egg then I go back to the bathroom again and brush and wash my face then I walk back to the kitchen and sit down and put my shoes and socks on. When we are ready we go down to the bus. When i get to school I put my bag in the clock bay then i unzip and get my iPad out then i walk into the classroom and put my iPad on my desk and go outside and wait for the bell… DING goes the bell i go to class and sit down and wait for Mr Webb. . . Mr Webb walks in and tells the class to sit down then he talks to the class about the daily planner and sometimes news then we get let go to do maths. At 10.30 the bell goes Mr Webb lets the class go all of the class goes to the clock bay well most of the class to get food then i go outside and play handball . Ding the bell goes me and Ashley run to class Mr Webb tells the class the class what topic we are doing for writing then we set to work. . . After a while some people finish and start drafting and some people are still planning then the bell goes at 11.45am Mr Webb lets us go to second break. DING goes the bell everyone rush’s in and sit down on the mat then Mr Webb walks in and talks to the class about what we are suppose to do but some people muck around and not do their work. . . after an hour the bell goes for lunch we pack up reading and go to lunch. 1 hour later the bell goes DING DING DING I run to class carefully and sit down. Mr Webb comes in and talks to the class about ako after a while Mr Webb tells the class to stop what they are doing and pack up. After a couple of minutes the class is packed up and ready to go home. Mr Webb talks to the class until the bell goes DING Mr Webb lets the class to go home. Riding the bus home it is so noisy i can’t stand it… finally I got home Mum tells us get firewood in… after a while I play on my ipad and eat tea.

R3 Singapore Compared to New Zealand

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Kissick Eraio - Mr Bloors Official Video

Y5/6 A Grade Opunake Basketball Finals

On Tuesday 5th July Auroa School had four seperate finals in the same day. Wins in the Y5/6 Crowley Cup Netball Competition against Rahotu School and a further win against Eltham School in Y5/6 Rugby Crowley Cup were a fantastic start - there were two additional finals that night in the Opunake Basketball Competition.   Auroa's Y7/8 Basketball team won their final match, against Rahotu.

The final game of the day was the Y5/6 A Grade Basketball Finals in the Opunake Basketball Competition.  Auroa's Y5/6 team were undefeated throughout the season at this point - coming up against their arch rivals, St Joseph from Opunake.   The game was another epic featuring some of the players who had played already that day in a final, and against each other in the epic Crowley Cup Semi-Final in Boys Rugby which Auroa win.
Auroa/StJosephs20162 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

The Basketball ended 30-30 which saw sudden death extra time, in which St Jospehs were able to win the match by two points and claim the season championship.